10 Eylül 2012 Pazartesi

My Works in 2011

    Here I Am

     The White Day

    Hide and Seek
    "We were playing a game, hide & seek...
    I tought i was hiding, but there were nowhere to be hidden.
    And Night were falling down, into my time.
    Then, then i saw the endings of the songs, whales kept their silence forever.
    I saw ending of my dream...
    Now, i want "tomorrow", at the place where i get lost.."
    -Murat Turan

    A Journey to the Tale

    Make a Wish
    "I made a wish, about a girl in future in my dreams,
    about few whales far away from this lands...
    I made a wish hope the little girls see the whales at the future in the seas,
    not at their imaginations only."

    -Murat Turan

    Calling Us Home

    The Lost Time

    The Beginning

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